The name “PeaceThyme”

This is Peace.

She is a blue-nosed pit bull terrier that we adopted before she could be turned into a puppy-mill breeder.


Peace is silly.
Peace is silly.


This is thyme.

It is my favorite herb to grow. My garden has common thyme, variegated thyme, lemon thyme, and creeping thyme tucked in to virtually every bed and in between every paving stone. The bee yard will eventually be “carpeted” with creeping thyme.


Thyme sprig with small lavender flowers
Flowering English Thyme (thymus vulgaris)


Sprigs of yellow and green thyme
Variegated Lemon Thyme (thymus citriodorus)


The hubs and I are both military veterans, and now he is retired and I am in civil service – so our “wartime” days are over. Grandparenting and gardening are how we spend our peacetime time. The bees are part of that.

And, I like puns and wordplay. Homophones rock.

For the record, this is Apollo, the boxer pit. Also adorable and goofy. But his name didn’t fit in with any silly apiary names that I could come up with.

Apollo the garden guard dog.
Apollo, the garden guardian.

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