About PeaceThyme Bees

We are small-scale beginning backyard beekeepers on the coast of North Carolina. The intent of this blog is to allow distant friends and family to join in, vicariously and virtually, on the fun of beekeeping – NOT to promote any particular method, strategy, or ideology.

We have NO idea what we are doing, so please don’t look here for a “how to” manual. We’re just muddling through, and trusting the bees to know what they’re doing even when (especially when) we don’t!


All photographs on this blog are copywrite John M. Rambo (aka “The Hubs”)


One thought on “About PeaceThyme Bees

  1. I love your blog and follow it religiously. The story – the way it is written – and the photographs, are stunning. Anyone who follows it and knows virtually nothing about bees (like myself) can’t help but fall in love with these amazing creatures!


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