Fat Bottomed Boys

Went in this afternoon to see how Rosemary is doing. Turns out, she’s doing pretty great.

And the drones have started to drone around. Found some drone brood, but a LOT of hatched drones tromping about.

See the big, clumsy looking one at about the 8 o’clock position?  His abdomen is so big his little sister could almost completely hide underneath him. 


The Queen Mother is almost dead center on this pic. See her? But just below and slightly left of Her Highness is one of her pudgy sons. This one is very dark in color.


We also saw all the usual things we like to look for this time of year: open brood, closed brood, eggs, room for expansion, new wax being drawn. Some of that new wax was drawn messy and out of place. Chalk it up to excess enthusiasm.

On the one hand, this is a completely random bit of comb being drawn not only between frames, but also between boxes. On the other hand, I really like this picture.


Did I mention EGGS!

Okay these are pretty hard to see, stay with me here. In the middle of almost every one of those open comb cells is a little itty bitty white line. In some cells it appears as more of a white dot. Bee eggs are often described as “like a tiny grain of rice.” Do you see them?


This hive is so strong I will probably be going in to inspect at least every two weeks, just to watch for any hint they might get crowded and want to swarm. So watch this space for updates!


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