The State Bee Inspector

The North Carolina State Bee inspector was just out at my little apiary. He opened up both my hives, said they look like they are doing great, I have very little varroa, and he doesn’t think that the “shiny” bees have a virus at all. He thinks they are just very old bees.

He thinks I have a low-level robbing problem, and recommended I put robber screens on. Here is some more information about robbing:

This is a robber screen similar to the ones that the hubs is going to build for me:

The bees who live there will supposedly quickly learn to climb up the screen to the entrance at the top. The invaders will wear themselves out trying to get in the seemingly still open, but actually blocked-off, regular entrance.

Since he was there anyway, he looked at Rosemary hive, and he found a just-hatched supercedure queen cell. I don’t know why Rosemary would want to replace their queen, she is laying beautifully — but the bees know more about what they need than I do.


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